Rejoice, Bill Murray fans! We’ve just got the first glimpse at his new comedy Rock The Kasbah, in which he stars alongside Kate Hudson, Bruce Willis and Zooey Deschanel.

Directed by Barry Levinson (Sleepers, Bugsy, Good Morning Vietnam), it stars Murray, Hudson, Willis and Deschanel with a supporting cast of Danny McBride, Scott Caan, Leem Lubany, Fahim Fazli, Taylor Kinney, Beejan Land and Arian Moayed. It is scheduled to be released in US theaters on October 23rd.

Watch the trailer for Rock The Kasbah here:

Murray plays Richie Lanz, a slightly washed-up and world-weary rock manager who signs up his last remaining client (Deschanel) for an army USO show in Afghanistan in front of what he calls “2,000 horny soldiers”. Unnerved by this, Deschanel’s character runs away soon after their arrival, taking all his money and his passport.

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When he gets completely ripped off in an attempt to find her, Lanz is stranded in the middle of Kabul with no obvious way of getting out. After a few run-ins with local gangs and all the ensuing confusion, Murray finds himself becoming the manager for a talented young Afghan girl with an extraordinary voice, whom he guides through the local version of ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Bruce WillisBruce Willis is among the stars of 'Rock The Kasbah'

Bill Block, CEO of production company QED International, had promised us that Rock The Kasbah will be an “outstanding” comedy. “With its brilliant script, superb cast and Barry Levinson at the helm, Rock The Kasbah promises to be a true comedy event on a global scale,” he added.

Well, if we can get the jaded, cynical Bill Murray back, reeling off weary one-liners with ease, then it’s sure to be a hit with us!

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Zooey Deschanel & Bill MurrayZooey Deschanel & Bill Murray

Zooey quite aptly plays a musicianZooey quite aptly plays a musician

Bruce Willis & Bill Murray both star in Rock The KasbahBruce Willis & Bill Murray both star in Rock The Kasbah