Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig star in director Craig Johnson's Skeleton Twins as Milo and Maggie, twins who have been separated for a decade. After Milo's (Hader) childhood dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood actor have failed, he is forced to return home and encounters his sister Maggie (Wiig) in hospital. The two have narrowly escaped the same near fatal accident and Maggie suggests Milo stay with her.

Skeleton Twins
Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig star in Skeleton Twins as Milo and Maggie.

The two are polar opposites and have to overcome their differences in order to seemingly come to terms with the reality of their lives. Milo is heartbroken and his hopes of a glittering Hollywood career have been crushed whilst Maggie has resorted to infidelity to avoid admitting she is not ready to have a baby with her husband, Lance (Luke Wilson). 

Skeleton TwinsHader and Wiig play twins coming to terms with the reality of their lives. 

Hader (SNL), Wiig (The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty) and Wilson (Enlightened) are supported by Boyd Holbrook (The Host), Ty Burrell (Modern Family), Kathleen Rose Perkins (The Island) and Joanna Gleason (Last Vegas). 

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Skeleton Twins premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and won the festival prize for Screenwriting in the US Drama category. Early reviews from critics at the festival have been overwhelming positive with Hader and Wiig praised for their portrayals of people on the edge. Amber Wilkinson (Telegraph) said both actors once more demonstrated they are well adept at comedy roles and Geoff Berkshire (Variety) claimed Wiig's performance as "a woman quietly falling completely apart" is impressive.

Skeleton Twins is released in the US on 19th September. 

Skeleton Twins
Bill Hader plays Milo, a heartbroken and failed Hollywood actor.

Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson plays Lance, Maggie's husband.