Former President Bill Clinton always watches 'Police Academy' when he's in a ''bad mood'', Steve Guttenberg has revealed.

The 56-year-old actor starred as wise-cracking cop Carey Mahoney in four movies in the goofball comedy franchise and he was thrilled when the ex-leader of America told him the first instalment is his go-to movie when he's feeling down.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Guttenberg said: ''Every time I've seen President Clinton he says when he's in a bad mood he turns on 'Police Academy'.''

Guttenberg has been the leading man in several much-loved movies during his career such as 'Cocoon', 'Diner' and 'Three Men and a Baby'.

The Hollywood star is regularly stopped in public by fans who want to speak to him about their favourite films of his and he feels honoured his work over the past five decades has had such a long-lasting impact.

He said: ''I'm lucky because I've been able to be part of some wonderful films; a plethora of well known films and really enjoyable films. People come up to me all the time, some people want to ask me about 'The Boys from Brazil'; then there are people who really enjoyed 'Diner' who say that it changed their lives. A lot of the gay crowd love 'Can't Stop the Music', or kids will come up to me and say they loved 'It Takes Two'.''

Guttenberg has a theory as to why many of his films have endeared for so many years.

He added: ''There are families that are introducing their kids to 'Three Men and a Baby' and they're all laughing together ... I think the part of my career that I'm lucky with is that my films play quite often on television and get rented quite often, I don't think so many actors are that lucky to get that.''

Guttenberg's latest role sees him play hero Colton West in monster movie 'Lavalantula', in which he has to fight gigantic, lava-breathing tarantulas.

'Lavalantula' premieres on Saturday (01.08.15) at 9pm on Syfy.