Sophie and Noirin admitted neither has had sex for over six months last night (21.06.09)

The 'Big Brother' housemates were given wine and food to celebrate housemate Freddie's birthday - prompting the girls' drunken revelations about their sex lives.

Playboy model Sophie - who has coupled up with hunky Kris in the reality TV house - told Karly, Noirin and Angel she is very picky about the men in her life and hasn't slept with anyone since December 2007. She added she would only kiss a man if she really liked him. This prompted Irish housemate Noirin to confess she also hasn't slept with anyone for six months.

Sophie then got progressively drunker over the night and after much incoherent conversation with other housemates was put to bed by Kris.

Sophie has also previously told in her audition video that she hoped her parents wouldn't find out about some of her modelling, particularly the fact she'd appeared in the pornographic magazine Playboy.

She said: "I've got my boobs out a few times and I've done Playboy but my parents don't really know about that , so I'm trying not to let them know - so hopefully it doesn't come out or anything."

Meanwhile during a game of dares, bisexual Russian housemate Angel kissed Freddie - aka Halfwit - for 10 seconds "with tongues" and also licked Rodrigo's nipple for 10 seconds.

Hairy housemate Marcus then gave former Mr Gay UK contestant Charlie a peck on the cheek and told him: "That's the highlight of your Big Brother stay".