Former 'Big Brother' contestants are being given the opportunity to re-enter the house.

Ex-housemates including Sunshine Martin, 24, Shabby Katchadourian, 24, Ben Duncan, 30 and Nathan Dunn, 25 could all go back into the house this week as part of a new twist, which will see current housemates make the final decision on whether they will be allowed to re-enter.

Each of the nine contestants will be called to the diary room, where they will be offered a selection of "treats" by Big Brother.

While one of the choices will include one of their former housemates, the other option will see them shunned.

An insider revealed to the Daily Star newspaper: "This could set the cat among the pigeons. Mario could be offered dinner with a muscleman or with Ben. But if his obsession with the hunk is over then he may choose the mystery hunk."

Ultimately, it will be up to the contestants to decide whether they want to see the former housemates again and if they don't, they will be banished from the 'Big Brother' house for good.

Meanwhile, Channel 4 have confirmed four contestants will be evicted from the reality show throughout the course of this week.

Josie is the only person who is safe from the threat of eviction, after her fellow housemates voted to give her a free pass to the show's final on August 24.