Biffy Clyro have taken a ''grown-up'' approach to their new record.

The Scottish rock band ditched the late nights and partying while working in their upcoming double album 'Opposites' and have embraced a responsible approach to recording.

Frontman Simon Neil said: ''We've been working so hard.

''With this album we've had a more grown-up approach. The only late nights we have are in here. We take our responsibilities seriously and hate to waste studio time as that means wasting money. We are always aware of that.''

The trio also haven't been afraid to experiment in the studio and during sessions at the Village Studios in Los Angeles they even used a mariachi band, traditional Scottish instrument the bagpipes and kazoos.

Bassist James Johnston told The Sun newspaper: ''Kazoos just shouldn't work. But that's the weird thing about music - there aren't any rules. You've just got to explore to find out what does and what doesn't work. The only thing that didn't really work was a gospel choir on the song, 'Biblical'. It was a step too far. We tried different rhythms and different structures. We always knew there was a great song in there, so we kept working on it. Having a gospel choir sounded very impressive, but it just didn't really sound like us. It was a difficult decision to make but we ended up leaving that off the song. It sounded enormous without it.''