It was meant to be the wedding of the year, some may even say the century with the amount of fuss surrounding the day almost rivalling a royal wedding, yet Beyoncé and Jay-Z chose to miss Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's ceremony. Why?

BeyonceBeyonce and Jay-Z at the Met Gala.

We can't be entirely sure but Beyoncé and Jay-Z decided to spend their weekend thousands of miles from the newlyweds in the Hamptons rather than trek to Florence via Paris. Jay-Z is ranked amongst Kanye's closest friends, so it seems somewhat bizarre that they would have missed his wedding!

There are a number of possible reasons for their absence. The first being Beyoncé's reported dislike of Kim. No one can be sure where these rumours sprung from as the two were pictured together on numerous occasions throughout 2013 and looked fairly chummy, even attending a concert together. Beyoncé attempted to stamp out the rumours when, on an interview with MTV, she described Kim as "sweet". She further added "I have no idea where these things [rumours] come from. I think they like to make up these feuds. It's more interesting."

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The second reason could have something to do with Rachel Roy, Kim's best friend and integral part of the celebrations. As the Mail reports, Jay-Z and Roy have been spending a great deal of time together and this was allegedly the reason behind the argument at the Met Gala Jay-Z and Solange, Beyoncé's sister, had whilst in an elevator.

Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala.

Thirdly, Beyoncé may have been irritated at the prospect of being filmed for KUWTK if sources speaking to Radar are to be believed. Although Kim and her family's reality show was not going to film the ceremony, filming would take place up to and after the event which meant some guests may have been caught on camera. The source claimed Beyonce had told Kanye "under no circumstances will she be a part of any filming on the wedding day if it's for Kim's reality show." 

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Whatever the reason, Beyoncé still wished the newlyweds well and posted, in addition to a selfie, a picture from their Vogue spread. The picture showed Kim looking directly into the camera whilst Kanye holds their young daughter North. Beyoncé added the caption "Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family."