It’s safe to say that the past few months have not been the greatest for Beyonce and Jay-Z. While the Carters are undoubtedly still hip-hop’s most prolific power couple, some recent bad publicity has seen their star ever so slightly tarnished. First there was the now infamous Solange/Jay-Z elevator fight video and ever since then rumors have circulated that the couple might be experiencing some marital problems. But lets forget about all the drama for now, because Beyonce and Jay-Z are hitting the road together! The ‘On the Run’ tour begins Wednesday night (June 25th) in Miami and expectations are high. But what can we really expect from a joint Beyonce and Jay-Z tour?

Beyonce and husband Jay-ZBeyonce and Jay-Z are off  'On the Run' together

1. All the best Bey/Jay Duets!

Lets start with the obvious, the ‘On the Run’ tour will undoubtedly be filled with all our favourite Beyonce and Jay-Z collaborations. Back in 2003, the now husband and wife teamed up for the first time for ‘Crazy In Love’, then came ’03 Bonnie & Clyde’, and the rest shall we say is musical history. The past decade has seen the couple take to the studio together numerous times, most recently for ‘Drunk in Love’, a number 2 Billboard hit. Just make a list of your top ten favourite Beyonce/Jay-Z duets and you should be sure to hear nearly all of them by the time the tour's over.

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2. Solo sets

It might be a joint tour, but we have no doubt that Beyonce and Jay-Z will be getting some solo stage time during the shows. Expect to hear material from both artist’s vast back catalogue of hits, and if we know these two there’ll be a medley or two thrown in for good luck. While Beyonce might want to focus more on songs from last year’s self titled album, there’s no way she’s getting out of there without playing ‘Single Ladies’. We can guarantee it. The same goes for Jay and '99 Problems', he just has to. 

3. Special guests?

Beyonce and Jay-Z love bringing on special guests during performances, although more often than not, they use each other. But although the double star power of the Carters should be enough, you never know who else could make an appearance. Chris Martin? Kanye West? Solange? With a friend list like the Carters have, you never know who could turn up. Personally, we want another Destiny's Child reunion.

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4. No drama!

As we previously mentioned, things have not been all too rosy in the Carter’s kingdom as of late. But going on tour together is a great way for the couple to show a united front. You know what they say, the couple who preforms in front of thousands a night together, stays together. We actually don’t expect any drama to come out of the ‘On the Run’ tour at all, instead we imagine Beyonce and Jay will be trying their hardest to rebuild their perfect family image. Now maybe lets rethink Solange’s invitation.

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z Met BallBeyonce and Jay-Z, don't mention the Met Ball

5. The most extravagant tour ever?

It’s Beyonce plus Jay-Z! Alone they certainly know how to put on a spectacular show, but put them on tour together and the possibilities are endless. High production values, energetic dance routines, pyro, crazy visuals, ‘On the Run’ should be everything a Beyonce and Jay-Z fan ever wanted and more. If there ever was a time for Beyonce and Jay-Z to pull out all the stops it’s now. Maybe then they can finally put all the drama behind them and go back to being perfect, at least until the next scandal erupts.