Beyonce Visual

Beyoncé Unveils Pre-Christmas Surprise: Beyoncé Knowles has dropped an entire album of new material suddenly and unexpectedly, somehow accomplishing the astonishing task of managing to evade those who seek to leak new pop albums. The singer dropped BEYONCÉ with its 14 new songs plus 17 music videos on iTunes after stating she was "bored" of the traditional way of releasing music. Find out more here.

Paul Walker Wreckage Thieves Charged: In a frankly unbelievable story of crime that rocked not only the grieving family and friends of the late Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker but Hollywood too, two thieves attempted to steal parts from the Porsche car that the actor and driver Roger Rodas died in. Jameson Witty, who bragged about his theft on Instagram, and Anthony Janow face charges of one felony count of grand theft of personal property and two misdemeanor counts of destroying evidence as well as delaying a police officer. Read the full story here.

Rebecca Black Is Back: You'd have thought after 14 year-old Rebecca Black's 'Friday' gained the wrong kind of worldwide attention back in 2011 with its dodgy auto-tune, cringe-worthy lyrics and even worse dancing, the young "singer" would have run for cover to a more sensible, less troll-able career, like dentistry. Sadly not: the now 16 year-old Black is back with a sequel single to her ridiculed debut, entitled 'Saturday.' We're serious.

Tila Tequila Plays With Fire: Model and TV personality has seriously ruffled some feathers lately, first publishing a lengthy blog post claiming Hitler "was not a bad person" and then alleging that actor Paul Walker's death was a "ritualistic murder." She also voiced her hopes that America would someday have a leader as "brave" and "inspiring" as the guy who issues the command to have six million Jews slaughtered. Kick this dangerous, crazy-spewing nest of wasps if you dare.

Doctor Who Christmas Artwork

Doctor Who Christmas Countdown: Whovians worldwide have been kicked into a perpetual state of buzzing excitement after the BBC released the first full-length trailer for Doctor Who's Christmas special, 'The Time of the Doctor,' in which current Doctor Matt Smith will hand over the baton to Peter Capaldi with exciting appearances from alien, monster, timelord and human faces old and new. Check out the trailer in full here.

Kim & Kanye Offend Some More People: We're not even sure why this is news any more but Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have had another good go at making sure people don't like them this week. Kanye invoked anger when he compared his career to that of a police officer or soldier live on radio just because he has a slightly dangerous mountain onstage during his current shows. He also offended his fellow artists when he launched into a rant about how his TWO Grammy nominations this year were "patronising."

Meanwhile, Kim has had to publicly defend her eBay "charity" auction donations after it emerged that only 10% of the final sale will actually make its way to the Typhoon Haiyan victims. Read her reasoning here. The image-obsessed star also drew criticism from mothers due to her emphasis on losing her baby weight over being a devoted mother to her 5 month-old baby, North.

SAG Awards 2013 Logo

Awards Show Madness: The biggest film news this week has surely come from the double hit of Golden Globes and SAG awards nominations. Predictably, Steve McQueen's slavery drama 12 Years A Slave and its actors Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong'o and Michael Fassbender has come out on top in both sets of nominations with Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle similarly well-lauded. Check out the Golden Globes odds here.

However, whilst the Globes remembers Inside Llweyn Davis, Nebraska and Wolf of Wall Street, these critically-acclaimed titles have been snubbed in the SAG runnings which opted for Lee Daniels' The Butler and August: Osage County instead. Find out about the other high-profile SAG snubs.

Meanwhile, veteran Golden Globes hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have released a series of videos to show that this season's Globes will be just as funny as last.

Video Of The Week - 'Jupiter Ascending' Trailer: We chose The Wachowski's new futuristic, sci-fi action movie Jupiter Ascending partly because of its stellar cast, which includes Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, partly because of its exciting galaxy-hopping plot, partly because of its mind-blowing special effects, but mainly due to Channing Tatum's hilarious, elfin ears that we catch our first glimpse of in the freshly-dropped trailer. Check it out here.