Jay-Z could be about to suffer some major embarrassment with his streaming service Tidal, as his wife Beyoncé is among the artists whose music could get removed from the platform if a deal isn't reached with record company Sony.

BeyonceBeyonce's music could soon be gone from Tidal.

According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek Sony is threatening to pull all of its artists' music from Tidal including that of Beyoncé who one of the compnay’s co-owners. Bloomberg reports that sources have said Jay-Z is yet to reach a deal on a streaming contract with Sony and the record company is reportedly asking for "large advances" in return for giving Tidal the rights to feature its artists' catalogues.

The story also reports that two of the other major record companies, Universal and Warner, have already come to agreements with Tidal. If Jay-Z is unable to pay Sony the hefty amount Beyoncé and all the other Sony signed co-owners of Tidal, including Daft Punk, Alicia Keys, and Usher will most likely have their music disappear from the platform.

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If Jay-Z thinks Sony might just be bluffing, he can look to Soundcloud for prove of the record company’s intentions as they recently pulled all of their artists from their platform for similar reasons.

But the Bloomberg report does however note that Tidal is in pretty good financial standing, so the problem could just be a minor one for Jay-Z. Then again it could be the start of a major embarrassment.

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In other Beyonce/Jay-z and Tidal news, this week the couple found themselves facing some extra bad publicity when Twitter users criticised the pair after they posted a picture posing with Tidal’s nearly “all white” team.

What many Twitter users failed to realised was the couple were visiting the the Tidal office in Norway, where the population is 97 per cent white, according to The Mirror. Still it didn't stop Twitter reacting furiously, with one user telling the couple, “Learning that Tidal’s star is almost all white men is infuriating, embarrassing and hypocritical.”