The internet hasn’t recovered yet after footage of Beyonce’s sister Solange attacking Jay-Z in an elevator after the Met Ball emerged. But what exactly caused the altercation between the singer and her brother in-law? The twitterverse thinks it has the answer, with #whatJayZsaidtoSolange trending worldwide, but what do we actually know?

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z Met BallBeyonce and Jay-Z on the Met Ball red carpet

On Sunday May 4th Beyonce and Jay-Z attended the Met Ball together, putting on a loved-up display on the red carpet, complete with a comic moment where Jay-Z joke ‘proposed’ to Bey after picking up her runaway ring. Solange meanwhile went solo in a 3.1 Phillip Lim dress. Everything seemed peachy on the red carpet and inside the ball, Beyonce hung out with Solange and Lupita Nyong’o as seen in a picture uploaded to the singer’s Instagram. Bey also shared pictures of her self and Jay-Z seemingly having a great time inside the star studded gala.

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But it appears that once the stars headed to the after party the drama unfolded. US Weekly is now reporting that, prior to the infamous elevator altercation, Solange found herself in an argument with fashion designer Rachel Roy, a close friend of Km Kardashian. Onlookers are reported to have seen Solange yelling at the designer before Beyonce “got in the middle of it.” There’s no word on what the disagreement could have been about, but Solange and Rachel were actually each other’s date for the night at the Met Ball two years ago. However, Roy’s ex husband Damon Dash has had a very public falling out with Jay-z after the pair ended their business relationship.

At some point later in the evening, the trio of Beyonce, Jay-Z and Solange decided to call it a night and that’s when the drama took place. In the video obtained by TMZ and taken from the surveillance camera of the Standard Hotel's elevator, Solange can be seen lashing out at her famous brother in law who doesn't retaliate, while another man intervenes and Beyonce looks on.

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The video has no audio so we’re all in the dark about what actually could have been said by either party to cause such an altercation. If you want the internet’s guesses, #whatJayZsaidtoSolange has been trending ever since the footage went viral. All that’s really been reported is that Solange ‘'overreacted'' to something Jay-Z said. A source told US Weekly “Solange flipped out over something Jay had said, that she took the wrong way”, and added that they weren't, “sure what it was, but she greatly overreacted.’'

Solange KnowlesDid Solange overreact to something Jay-Z said?

In the immediate aftermath the trio were pictured leaving the hotel with Solange walking in front looking not too happy, while Beyonce appeared to be putting on her best face meanwhile husband Jay-Z was holding his and looking very confused. Beyonce and Solange left in a car together while Jay was driven off separately.

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The husband and wife put on a untied front on Monday night, attending a basketball game together, while Solange has seemingly deleted all pics of herself and big sister Bey from her Instagram, bar one vintage snap from early last year. The sisters did reportedly, attend Kelly Rowland’s wedding together last weekend according to E!

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z Met BallWill we ever know what happened after the Met Ball?

We’ll probably never know for sure what happened in that elevator, but that isn't going to stop the speculation. Until a more intriguing video pops up, it seems #whatJayZsaidtoSolange, is going to continue be the internet's biggest mystery.