Beyonce is showing some big love for her country's biggest events this year, as she sang the American national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, at Barack Obama's second presidential inauguration, as well as being the artist to perform at this year's Superbowl half-time show.

She and Jay-Z have been very vocal about their support of the president over both his campaigns and terms, and the couple of couples have dined together on numerous occasions. As she walked on stage she greeted Michelle Obama, the first lady, with a familial kiss, and spoke to Joe Biden, the Vice President. After she had finished her rousing and, as MTV put it, 'diva-fied' rendition of the anthem, Obama shook her hand and said "Thank you so much."

Kelly Clarkson also performed for the president, singing a historic song popularly known as 'America', otherwise known as My Country, 'Tis of Thee. 

Song choice at inauguration events are always a well considered affair. This year Lupe Fiasco was taken off stage at a concert in its celebration after performing a track that criticised the president, but four years ago at Obama's first inauguration, Beyonce sang Etta James' 'At Last' to ring in the first term of the first black president. 

Here's Beyonce talking about performing while pregnant early last year: