Beyonce is connecting with her fans in the wake of her album release. That slightly cryptic statement was to say that Beyonce was spotted at a Walmart in Tewksbury, Massachusetts on Friday, December 20.

Beyonce, Haunted Promo
After the release of her album, Beyonce can finally enjoy some of that holiday cheer.

In the video, shared by Us Weekly, Bey’s fellow shoppers all seem very excited to encounter the superstar in person. Beyonce, for her part, was also very warm and chatty, despite mandatory entourage of imposing people clad in black, which was hovering around her. Bey was reportedly there not just for a PR appearance, but also to pick up her new album the regular way.

"It's exciting to see it in person," Queen Bey gushed as she smiled big while looking at a her album Beyonce on the shelves. She looked relaxed and casual as she perused the store in a tight, light blue sweater and black leather jacket. With her hair in long waves, it looks like the singer has abandoned the bob she was sporting earlier this year, in favor of a longer style.

Beyonce Knowles
And enjoy it she did, alongside her fans.

During her visit, Bey picked up a toy for little Blue Ivy and had possibly the cutest fan interaction we’ve seen this year. Beyonce stopped by a tiny fan named Aryana and shared the love. "Hi beautiful! Do you want to give me a hug?" Beyonce said to the little girl. "Oh my goodness! Aw, what a sweetie pie you are," she said in the video, as she picked up the young fan.