So, this whole Jay Z/Solange thing? We’re still trying to get our heads around it. Beyonce has gone from having the most outwardly perfect family life to being embroiled in some sort of Jerry Spring family feud. Here are the facts. Along with a lot of finger pointing, Beyonce’s little sister, Solange Knowles, launched herself at Jay Z in a lift at the Met Gala. Held back by a bodyguard, Solange spent around 3 minutes trying to punch and kick the rapper, while a bodyguard held her back. Beyonce calmly stood between the two, while Jay appeared to try talking to the furious Solange, occasionally blocking himself from her attempted blows.

Solange Knowles attacks Jay-ZSolange spent three minutes shouting, finger pointing and attemping to hit her brother-in-law Jay Z

The whole world’s been wondering what Jay Z did (if anything) to rile Solange up so much. The hashtag #WhatJayZSaidToSolange was packed full of funny suggestions about what could have started the fight, but we’re inclined to think that Jay didn’t insult Solange’s afro, or comment that his lips are bigger than her career.

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Reports are beginning to emerge that the row was centred on Rihanna. Jay had allegedly been planning to attend Rihanna’s after party without his wife. Shortly before this, Rihanna’s friends had been trying to gain access to the Met Gala by dropped Jay’s name (although why they didn’t just drop Rihanna’s, we’re not entirely sure…). Apparently this was all too much for Solange, who saw the only fit reaction to attack her brother-in-law. Sounds like a little bit of an overreaction.

Another explanation that has been offered is has been that Jay Z has failed to live up on a promise to aid Solange’s career. The younger Knowles sister apparently wants a career as big as her sister’s and is tired and jealous of living in Beyonce’s shadow. We’re not too sure about this one either. Solange has worked hard to carve out her own path and has a completely different musical style to Beyonce and all of Jay Z’s proteges. Solange’s modern dance-y vibe isn’t so much Jay’s expertise, we’d also expect her to pick a better time than one of the world’s most public events to become distressed about the situation.

Solange Knowles attacks Jay-ZBeyonce and Jay Z had been holding hands at the Met Gala not long before Solange's arguement with Jay

One source explained that Solange seemed “drunk and irritated,” although this has been vigorously denied. What is quite telling is that Solange and Beyonce left in a car together, while Jay left in a separate vehicle. He also didn’t attend Rihanna’s party, the question is, did he return to Beyonce? Beyonce has seemingly sided with her sister, posting a string of pictures of the pair in happier times on her Twitter account.

What do you think caused the altercation between Jay Z and Solange?

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