Just how would you react if you were casually walking through your hotel only to see two world famous superstars like Beyonce and Jay-Z stroll past you? Would you a) whip out your camera, b) squeal and get an autograph, or c) stand there and gawp like the lady in this story?

Beyonce at a Tidal eventBeyonce at a Tidal event

If 'c', then you are by no means the only one. This image of a mature woman standing stock still with her eyes wide and her jaw to the floor, staring incredulously as the glamourous power couple strutted past her in a hotel in New York on Saturday (January 27th 2018) has gone viral, mainly because fans of the duo can totally relate.

The image was posted by Beyonce on her Instagram account along with a series of other images for which she and her husband posed for. Bey looks the picture of Hollywood elegance in a custom black asymmetrical gown by Azzi & Osta complete with fishnets and a leather beret, while Jay-Z went for a grey and black velvet tuxedo in a retro style.

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But regardless of their chic outfits, people cannot get over 'the lady in the fourth pic' simply because every Beyonce fan out there knows that it would be exactly their reaction if they ever got to meet their Queen in the flesh.

It was certainly quite the weekend for the couple. Saturday saw Jay-Z host his annual Roc Nation pre-Grammys brunch ahead of a pre-Grammys gala where he was honoured with the Salute to Industry Icons Award. And the following night they attended the 60th Grammy Awards in Madison Square Garden - though, despite eight nominations, Jay didn't leave with a single gong.

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Still, they certainly looked like they enjoyed their star-studded weekend, and now their fellow hotel guest has quite the story to tell her family when she gets home.