We’re big fans of Beyonce Knowles, here at Contactmusic and we don’t like the thought of her sat at home, wading through a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and snivelling into a silk hanky whilst the world is up in arms about her lip syncing the National Anthem earlier this week (January 21, 2013). So, for the sole purpose of cheering Beyoncé up (OK, we kinda had a bout of the mid-week blues and fancied a chuckle, too), we have compiled some seriously bad lip syncing fails from the annals of pop history. Cheer up, Beyoncé, there’s always the Super Bowl…

First up, in fifth place: If you are going to call your band Squeeze Theeze Pleeze, you can bet your bottom dollar that fate is going to intervene and cause something terrible to happen to you. Just watch this clip and see fate trying to deal a blow to the singer of Squeeze Theeze Pleeze, not only for his terrible band name but – presumably, also for his awful t-shirt, jeans and suit jacket combo. We won’t spoil the surprise, but please also note just how much his band seem to care about his well-being, when the highlight of the video actually occurs.

Watch Squeeze Pleeze Theeze's disastrous live performance

In fourth place, it’s Scotty Mccreery, the former American Idol winner, performing ‘The Trouble With Girls’ at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, 2011. Girls weren’t really Scotty’s biggest problem that day. We’re not entirely sure what Scotty’s big problem was, that day, but we have a feeling it may have something to do with the ear muffs that he had hanging down the back of his neck. Clearly, something impeded his hearing, as he gazed longingly up to the sky, unaware that the vocal track that he was supposed to mime to had, in fact, already started. To be fair to the guy, he just slides that mic right up to his mouth as if nothing’s happened but the way he fumbles for the handrail to steady himself once he realizes what he’s done? Painful. Seriously painful viewing, that one. The very first rule of lip sync: Know when you’re supposed to come in.

Watch Scotty McCreery's embarrassing Thanksgiving Parade moment

At number three, we simply had to put Milli Vanilli in. Not because they committed any particularly hilarious lip sync fails. But because they took lip syncing to a whole new level and built a career – a Grammy Award winning career, no less, out of miming to songs that they didn’t even sing. Needless to say, they were eventually stripped of their Grammy awards. Here at Contactmusic, we think they should have received a much harsher punishment. Like jail. Not for the lip-syncing, but for those terrible dance moves. Still, at least now we know where Jedward got their inspiration from.

Watch Milli Vanilli 'Performing' Girl You Know It's True At The 1990 Grammys

On the eve of her album release, an 18 year old Lindsay Lohan performed her song ‘Rumours’ on Good Morning America. Pulling the kind of dance moves that would only be forgivable, really, if you were drunk at a karaoke and trying to lasso some kind of medium sized mammal at the same time, Lohan just about manages to keep it together. Until 2:15. Just scan to 2:15. Yup. She’s lost it. Not even that apologetic smile can save you now Lindsay. And if you think WE’RE unimpressed, check out the young kid at 2:26. Se can’t even be bothered to hold her silly little sign up any more. Lindsay denied lip-syncing, thus breaking another major rule of lip-syncing: If you mess up, own up. No one believes you’re a ventriloquist.

Watch Lindsay Lohan Performing Rumors On Good Morning America!

Taking the crown of our little lip sync fail and, quite frankly, merely reinforcing that Beyoncé should be left the hell alone right now, is Ashlee Simpson. If you’re wondering what’s taking Ashlee Simpson so long to revive her music career (it’s ok, we know you weren’t, it just fits with what we’re trying to say), it’s probably because she’s still getting over the embarrassment of when she appeared on Saturday Night Live back in 2007. Having already ‘performed’ her single ‘Pieces of Me,’ she came back on for a second song. However, the guys in the control room played the first track again. Complete with Ashlee’s vocal track on it. Making it pretty obvious that she must have been miming before. It’s a low-burner, but a biggie, once the realization sets it. Simpson covered up the embarrassment the only way a good Southern American girl knows how: by doing a little hoe-down. No, we’re not sure why either. To top it all off, she tries to blame her band for ‘playing’ the wrong song. Yeah, nice one, Simpson.

Watch Ashley Simpson Making A Fool Out Of Herself On Saturday Night Live!

Come back Beyoncé, all is forgiven.