If lip-synching didn't get her into hot water (which it kind of did), then Beyonce can count on her Super Bowl outfit, which was made of "strips of engineered python, paneled iguana and trapunto/pick stitched leather" to get her in trouble.

Her detractors? People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, as they like to be called, took issue with the multi-piece jacket, leotard and skirt, which apparently required 200 hours to assemble. "We would take a bet that if Beyonce watched our video exposes, she'd probably not want to be seen again in anything made of snakes, lizards, rabbits or other animals who died painfully," PETA says in a statement. "Today's fashions are trending toward humane vegan options, and Beyonce's Super Bowl outfit missed the mark on that score." They were also up in arms about what she wore to the inauguration. She was sporting a full-length Christian Dior mink coat, so we can see where an animal rights group might have a problem with that. "What does it mean when one of the most popular musicians in the world endorses the fur trade in such a dramatic way?" Peta wrote. 

Beyonce answered her critics surrounding the miming scandal by belting out an impromptu performance of the national anthem at a recent press conference. So how will she address this latest issue? Wear a hemp sarong? We doubt it.