Beyonce is the latest in a line of celebrities and high profile figures of the music business, to show their support for the singer Frank Ocean. Last week, Frank posted a blog on his own Tumblr site revealing that his first love was with a man. His very personal admission caused a stir, both in the hip-hop community (Frank is often associated with the group Odd Future) and beyond.

Beyonce has responded to Frank's open letter, with a blog post of her own, on her own website that shows a monochrome photo of the 'Novacane' singer, with the words "Be fearless, be honest, be generous, be brave, be poetic, be open, be free, be yourself, be in love, be happy, be inspiration." She's put it simply, but in that short post, Beyonce has managed to encapsulate how many are feeling about Ocean's decision to be honest and open about his sexuality. And she's not the only one to have spoken out in support of the singer. Russell Simmons the co-founder of Def Jam also wrote an open letter on his own site, saying that the day Ocean published his blog was "a big day for hip-hop." He ended his own message with a heartfelt message to Frank, saying "Every single one of us is born with peace and tranquility in our heart. Frank just found his.
Frank, we thank you. We support you. We love you."

Meanwhile, Ocean performed on live TV last night (July 9, 2012) for the first time. He sang his track 'Bad Religion' on the Jimmy Fallon show and today his album 'Channel Orange' is streaming on his Tumblr site.