Since she dropped the bomb on Thursday, Beyonce has occupied thousands of terabytes of data transfer with her new album. People are naturally baffled. Yes, we all know Beyonce is pretty much amazing, but even for her, it was an astounding feat. The woman, who opened 2013 by performing at the Inauguration, then went on to do the Super Bowl halftime show to end all halftime shows, went on a 123-show tour, took care of her little girl and still managed to record a 14-track album, film a video for each track and somehow keep the production team behind the entire escapade from breathing a word to anyone.

Beyonce, Album Promo Shot
Can we get a round of applause?

Color us impressed. Since this is Queen Bey, however, people have gotten their heads around the idea by now and music critics are just starting to recover from the shock and express some opinions on the album. Yes, the album is amazing… but is it any good?

Beyonce, Ghost Promo
The unexpected new album prompted an internet-wide freakout.

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