A day before its official release date, the latest single from Beyonce has found its way online to be listened to in full and is the latest in a long line of singles released this year by the singer, none of which have yet been given a home on an album yet. Titled 'God Made You Beautiful,' the song made its way on to YouTube on Sunday, 24 November, a day before the planned release date.

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce has been touring extensively for the past few months

The lyrics video was uploaded by Queen Bey herself as a thank you to all her fans who pre-ordered her Life is But A Dream documentary and is the third song to be teased by the singer this year. Despite her relatively regular single releases, Mrs Carter has yet to release a follow-up to her 2011 album 4, nor has she revealed any plans surrounding her next solo album. In 2013, the singer released the single 'Grown Woman' to coincide with her Pepsi hook-up, and at a concert in Belgium recently, the singer performed 'Standing In The Sun' for the first time in full. Despite this, we're still no closer to another Beyonce album.

To be fair to Bey, it isn't as if she hasn't been busy since her last album, having performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show earlier this year and touring across the world isn't exactly doing nothing. On top of her professional duties, Beyonce has been raising her daughter, Blue Ivy, on a relatively full-time basis whenever she isn't working on her music. No one wants to have to wait any longer for the release, but we've got to hand it to Bey for not rushing anything and putting a lot of work and effort into the upcoming release.

Speaking of Blue Ivy, judging from the lyrics it seems pretty clear to us that Beyonce is singing about her little girl in the new song. With lyrics like “When you were born, the angels sighed in delight. They never thought they’d see such a beautiful sight," and "God made you beautiful, you’re beautiful,” chances are that she isn't referencing her husband's natural beauty in the song.

Bey is most likely referencing her daughter in the song