Over the 13 years since their first collaboration, 03 Bonnie and Clyde, Beyonce and Jay Z are doing better than ever career-wise. Both are considered trendsetters and some of the (if not the) best at what they do. Both had innovative, best selling albums released last year. The media follows every move of the high-profile couple and their daughter, Blue Ivy. Now, with this summer’s joint stadium tour, Bey and Jay are about to cement their place as music royalty.

Flawless? They'll have to be, to pull this off.

The tour kicks off Wednesday, June 25, in Miami and will hit 16 US cities – not exactly a full run, but it could be that Mr and Mrs Carter are just testing the waters for a larger endeavor down the line.

"If ticket sales don't reach expectations, it will be viewed as negative, but they played it safe here," said Yahoo Music senior editor Billy Johnson Jr. for USA Today. "There aren't a million dates for this stretch," but they could just be doing a "soft run to see how it goes, and then gauge what their next steps will be. It's strategic and smart."

Jay Z
The rumours of poor sales are untrue, says promoter Live Nation.


“Strategic and smart” are, coincidentally, the perfect words to describe most of the couple’s career move. This year, however, things haven’t been all sunshine and Rolexes. In fact, after the Solange/Jay Z elevator incident, the Carter-Knowles family has quite a lot to prove. If they’re going to succeed with On The Run, the dynamic duo have to be no less than perfect.

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Watch Beyonce and Jay Z leaving an LA restaurant with Blue Ivy.