Beyoncé and Jay Z have taken another step in proving that not only are they the most powerful people in music, they also put on the world's hottest show when they're together. The couple's appearance at New York club Pier 40 on Saturday night echoed the previous weekend's Grammy Awards where Beyoncé's solo performance became a duet when her husband Jay Z arrived.

Jay Z
Jay Z Repaid The Favour To Beyoncé When He Invited Her Onstage Last Saturday.

Guests at DirecTV's Pier 40 party were only expecting a performance from the rapper to celebrate the imminent Super Bowl game so when Beyoncé appeared in a dazzling black gown, they knew that things were about to get a whole lot more fabulous.

Pausing mid-way through his own performance, which included tracks from his recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z turned to the crowd. "Any sexy ladies in New York City tonight!" Jay shouted, before yelling again, "I said any sexy ladies in New York City tonight!"

Aside From Her Mega Performances, A Lot Of Attention Has Been Paid To Beyoncé's Weight.

As if to answer Jay's question, in strutted Beyoncé, wearing a tight-fitting, black Tom Ford dress. "All hail to the Queen," roared Jay Z to intense screaming from the crowd before the power couple kicked off another performance of 'Drunk In Love,' according to The Daily Mail.

The pre-Bowl performance of 'Drunk In Love' was nowhere near as raunchy as that of the Grammys. For a start, Beyoncé's long, sparkly, black gown wasn't as risqué as the playsuit she donned at the music awards and the couple's dancing was practically modest. After they finished the song, the pair shared a kiss and a hug before Beyoncé exited the stage, safe in the knowledge that she and her hubbie had just made one evening a whole lot more memorable for the audience.

Beyonce Jay Z
The Couple Has Recently Been Named The Most Powerful In Music.

A lot has been made of Beyoncé's noticeably slimmer figure recently, which has been attributed to the healthy vegan diet she and Jay Z followed in December after the rapper's personal trainer reportedly encouraged them to try it. With reports that the R&B singer now measures in at a size 2 (UK6), the enviable curves that she once was proud to call her own have been dramatically lessened.

Jay and Beyoncé also spent the big day of the Bowl getting into the spirit of the football game, with Bey posting a photo of herself posing amongst cardboard cut-outs of players on Instagram.