Of course Beyonce and Jay Z had to contribute to the BET Awards in some way – even if it was a pre-recorded performance. The power couple graced the BET stage – more or less – with a rendition of Beyonce’s seductive track Partition, recorded at their Cinncinati gig. The sultry performance played at the end of the award show.

Jay Z started things off with a verse of his own, before stepping back and letting Bey do her thing – which is all the things, really, since we know Beyonce can do pretty much everything, including a dizzying dance routine to go with her perfectly on-point vocals.

Beyonce, Jay Z
Beyonce and Jay Z are just too busy these days to rehearse a separate BET performance.

The video recording was less than we’d expect from Mr. and Mrs. Carter on a typical BET night, but the pair do have a lot on their plates at the moment with their ongoing On The Run arena tour. The tour includes 16 dates across the US and is yet to touch down in Foxborough, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto, East Rutherford, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, Chicago, Winnipeg, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Paris, France.

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Like everything else from the tour, it was a visually stunning performance.

BET Awards 2014 premieres on Tuesday 1 July at 9pm on BET