Has Beyoncé scrapped her reported plans to divorce Jay-Z as she is pregnant? The 32-year-old singer and her husband of 6 years Jay-Z AKA Shawn Carter are rumored to be divorcing following allegations that Jay-Z is frequently unfaithful. 

Beyonce and Jay-ZBeyonce and Jay-Z attended the Met Gala together but trouble with Solange shortly followed.

The veneer of happy family life began to crack earlier this year when Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Beyoncé's sister Solange Knowles appeared together at the Met Gala in New York. The event, held on May 5th, saw Solange attack Jay-Z whilst they were in an elevator at The Standard, a Manhattan hotel. Footage was obtained by TMZ which clearly shows Solange hitting and kicking her brother-in-law. 

Whilst everything now appears to have been swept under the rug, the cause of the incident appears to be Solange's belief Jay-Z is cheating on her sister with numerous other women. It seems Solange is also pushing Beyoncé towards filing for divorce. According to a source speaking to Life&Style, Beyoncé is aware of her husband's alleged infidelity and is mostly told of his behaviour by Solange. The source said "Beyoncé knows everything about what's going on with Jay-Z and other women - and she knows most of it from Solange. Solange is pushing Beyoncé to get divorced."

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Solange Knowles
Solange's attack of Jay-Z at the Met Gala created rumours about the state of Beyonce's marriage.

The rumours of the Carter's imminent divorce began circulating mere weeks after the elevator incident. Life&Style's cover story was of their reported '$1 Million Divorce' and sources speaking at the time claimed divorce was the only solution to their reported problems. The source said "It's been really rocky for them. There is trouble in paradise. Divorce is inevitable, and Beyoncé's only option."

However, Beyoncé is allegedly pregnant with her second child to the rapper. However, reports remain unconfirmed and Beyoncé's agent has, according to the NY Daily News, entirely quashed these rumours. Yet sources, evidently believing the 'Single Ladies' singer is with child, claim Beyoncé is putting off divorce for the sake of her daughter Blue Ivy and her unborn (possibly fictitious) baby. This is apparently due to Beyonce's concern for her public image. A source, also speaking to Life&Style, said "Beyoncé is extremely careful about her image, and everything she does is thought out and planned. She is obsessed with them appearing as the perfect family."

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Beyonce's high waisted dress at the Met Gala prompted the pregnancy rumours.