Beyoncé spent £700 at McDonald's after her concert in Manchester.

The 'Drunk in Love' singer splashed out at the fast food chain following her performance in North West England on Tuesday (25.02.14) night, and ordered so much, other customers were left hungry.

Local resident Helen Nugent said: ''I'd stopped off on my way home from the theatre to buy a cheeseburger at McDonald's as I was feeling peckish.

''The lovely girl at the till looked a bit shell-shocked and I soon found out why - she told me, 'Oh my god, I've just done an order for £700 for Beyonce's 11 tour buses.'''

The 32-year-old star and her dancers worked up an appetite at the Phones 4 U Arena performing tracks such as 'XO' and 'Haunted' from her latest album 'Beyoncé' and hit singles from the past including 'Single Ladies' and 'Irreplaceable', but made sure to keep some of their order healthy.

Helen told Mancunian Matters: ''She then went on to tell me, 'I made 50 portions of large fries and 22 boxes of Chicken McNuggets. 22! And 26 Big Macs! There are a lot of dancers on her tour, you'd think they eat healthily. Mind you, they did order a lot of salad.'

''I felt a bit of a twit after that, just asking for a solitary cheeseburger.''

Beyoncé has been known to spoil her tour crew before, splashing out £1,444 on a take-away from peri-peri chicken restaurant Nando's after her headline set at V Festival last summer.