Beyoncé Knowles shows off her new short pixie haircut on Instagram. The 'Single Ladies' singer posted the three pictures on August 8th which show the singer's new haircut from two different angles. One shows a close up of the singer looking into a mirror and as beautiful as ever. The other two, taken from the back, show Beyoncé looking into the mirror allowing the viewer to see the front and back of her new cut.

Beyonce Knowles
One of Beyonce Knowles' Instagram pictures.

Kim Kimble, Beyoncé's hair stylist, said she was shocked by the singer's decision to have her long locks cut off. She said, in an interview with E!, "I did not expect it, but I think it is a great shock." Kimble was also, speaking in an interview with People, a little upset and "teary eyed" when she first saw the singer's new haircut. This seems to be due to the shock and the fact that "I've been working for her for so long.I feel like it's my hair". 

Yet Kimble is supportive of Beyoncé's drastic change of look, complimenting the 31-year-old by saying "it's amazing that she made a change. It shows a lot of confidence. It's powerful that you won't let one thing define you." 

She said the reason behind Beyonce's look was "because she's ready to make a statement", that of "I'm beautiful, sexy, bold and I can do it all." It is something Kimble agrees wholeheartedly with as Beyonce is "the perfect model" as a "working woman, mom, superstar, business woman." She added "she's powerful in herself."

There have been rumours that Beyonce's luscious locks were, in fact, hair extensions but Kimble has laid this speculation to rest. She said Beyonce had "great, thick long hair".

Kimble went on to say Beyonce's new look has caused a few problems as the shoot for her new music video is scheduled for this weekend. Kimble said she has to rethink how to style Beyoncé's hair. She had initially planned "a retro '50s type of hair", but she has to consider a whole different look now. 

On the subject she said "I've got to rethink. I had a plan but now I am going to have to rethink of the style I was going to do and give it a shorter twist." However, Kimble is up for the challenge and says "I'm ready to roll with it!"

Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles at the 'PUNK: Chaos to Couture' Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York in May 2013.

 Beyonce Knowles
Beyonce Knowles at a rally protesting again the jury's decision to find George Zimmerman not guilty, in New York.