Bernard Butler, one time Suede guitarist and current producer, has come out on in a scathing attack on Twitter, laying into the pop royalty Beyonce. Solo albums and a collaboration with British singer David MCalmont notwithstanding, Butler has cut a relatively low profile since leaving Suede way back in 1994, refusing to take part in their recent reunion and largely being contented to work behind the mixing desk.
However, there was nothing quiet about his attack on Twitter, on which he wrote "Im decades behind music and all popular culture. I see Beyonce as a nonstop insincere PR trip. Id rather hangout with Henry Sellers" and going on to add "How does anybody fall for that bollocks?" The NME reports that some of his followers questioned his comments, to which he replied that he "adored" her 2003 mega smash hit 'Crazy In Love' but that his tweeting referred to "the love for her standing in the security pit surrounded by 100 sycophants".
Continuing his angry rant, Butler turned his ire towards her husband Jay Z, who headlined BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend in London at the weekend. Comparing the show to a TV performance on 'Later With Jools Holland', Butler wrote "Jay-Z on 'Later' had an amazing drummer, live guitar player, and on the Radio 1 thing it was him and Kanye like a pair of 40 year-old A&R men who can't dance shouting "London oh yeah", whilst an iPod played Otis Redding. I can do that at home . But without them 2 falling around the front room." Finishing his diatribe, he said "We're poor if that was theatre." Real drama!