Bette Midler has called out Justin Bieber’s dad, accusing him of ‘abandoning’ his son. Midler's criticism of Justin’s dad Jeremy comes after he tweeted he was ‘proud’ of his son, following the release of nude pics of the singer.

Bette MidlerBette Midler has slammed Justin Bieber’s dad after he tweeted about his son’s nude photos.

‘@justinbieber dad tweeted he's proud of his son's penis size. I think the biggest dick in this situation is the dad who abandoned his son,’ Middler tweeted on Saturday.

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The Golden Globe winning actress and singer was referring to a now deleted tweet posted by Justin’s dad Jeremy on Friday which read, ‘@justinbieber what do you feed that thing "#proud daddy.’

Jeremy’s tweet was presumably referring to the nude pictures of his son which where taken while he was vacationing in Bora Bora and published by the New York Daily News earlier this week.

The pictures caused quite the reaction online, but Justin himself is yet to comment. However the singer’s legal team has since circulated a cease and desist letter demanding the photos be taken down from the NYDN site and threatening legal action against anyone who publishes them.

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A copy of the letter, sent by law firm Myman Greenspan Fineman Fox Light LLP and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, reads, “We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our Client including images showing him without clothing.” The letter goes on to threaten legal action if the pictures are not taken down.