Movie icon Bette Davis' famous off-colour thoughts about her co-stars have come to the fore in a previously unpublished interview, where she attacks Faye Dunaway and LILIAN GISH. The chat with journalist GRAHAM FULLER took place in 1987, as Davis filmed THE WHALES OF AUGUST with Gish and Vincent Price, and it appears for the first time in US magazine Interview. After telling Fuller at the beginning of the interview that she never speaks ill of the "family" of actors, she takes aim at her peers. Davis snaps, "Nothing in the world can make me talk about people I've worked with. Except I did discuss Miss Dunaway a bit, but Miss Dunaway's fairly notorious for being a difficult woman. "What's the old saying? If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Miss Gish is extraordinary, though she really hasn't much use for talking pictures." Catty Davis also takes aim at The Whales Of August director Lindsay Anderson in the newly-published interview, stating, "I think he's an extremely temperamental and difficult man. But he's a good director, and every now and then a nice side of him came through."