The 2 Broke Girls star has adopted a horse named Bella at the Blue Apple Ranch and she frequently travels to the stables to train and ride her rescue.

However, Beth reveals her most recent trip ended in a really painful ant bite in the most unlikely of places - and her boyfriend, former Mad Men actor Michael Gladis, did little to help.

She recalls, "The last time I was there... I don't know if you've ever experienced this kind of pain, but when a fire ant bites your nipple... the poison stays in your nipple, or wherever you've been bitten, for a very long time afterwards.

"It was really bad... There were lots of black widows, lots of fire ants (at the ranch), one got stuck in my bra and it stung my nipple... I'd been up there a million times and I didn't even realise there were fire ants around."

"I was jumping around," she continues. "My boyfriend was actually there with me and he was like, cracking up, but it was really painful!"

The pain has since gone, but Beth admits her nipples haven't been the same since: "It's great now, (but) it's a little bit larger than the other one...!"