Bernard Sumner is ''glad'' Peter Hook left New Order.

The frontman thinks the bassist's unhappiness affected the group so much, it was a relief when he departed in 2007 but he is tired of the musician's subsequent criticisms.

He said: ''He's not been very nice. To boil it down to its basic elements, if someone's horrible a lot of the time, you're not sad when they're gone, you're glad.

''He wasn't happy in the band - primarily with me but also, it seems, with almost everyone else. If you're unhappy, OK, fine, but go away and do something else and don't bitch about us anymore.''

Last summer, the group declared themselves defunct but played a number of shows this summer and Bernard admits he has no idea what the future holds.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''Who knows what's around the corner? I've had moments when I've thought, 'F**k them, I've had enough'. But once the anger dies down, the clarity pulls through.

''You're not willing to give up the past 30 years of hard graft, blood, sweat and tears because someone else had a tizzy fit y'know.''