Bernard Sumner admits the coronavirus lockdown is ''doing [his] f***ing nut in''.

The 64-year-old music star loves travel and sailing - but he's been blocked from using his new boat by the Welsh government because of the lockdown rules.

He shared: ''I've got a brand new boat waiting for me in Wales and I can't go to it because the f***ing Welsh won't let me.

''So yeah, lockdown's doing my f***ing nut in.''

By contrast, Bernard suggested that he'd have dealt with the lockdown much easier during his time in JOY DIVISION.

The rock star admitted that his lifestyle was dramatically different during his early years in the music business.

He told the Times newspaper: ''I guess back in those days we were all pretty isolated anyway because there was nowhere to go. Manchester was a very, very different place.''

In fact, Bernard confessed to ''intensely'' disliking the 70s - and the 50s - revealing he wasn't a fan of the music or the fashion.

He reflected: ''It was pretty gruesome and dreary, as was the 1970s, a decade I dislike intensely, along with the 1950s.

''I didn't like the music, I didn't like the fashion. We didn't like anything on the radio. So we had to make our own radio station. We made it by joining bands and going to gigs.''

Meanwhile, Bernard previously admitted he didn't initially look at music as a long-term career.

The rocker - who starred in Joy Division alongside Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and the late Ian Curtis - said: ''I felt that even though we were expecting this music to come out of thin air, we never, any of us, were interested in the money it might make us.

''We just wanted to make something that was beautiful to listen to and stirred our emotions. We weren't interested in a career or any of that. We never planned one single day.''