Berenice Bejo thinks Kate Winslet's style is ''perfect''.

The 'Artist' actress is a huge fan of the British beauty and although they have different body shapes so could not wear the same style of clothing, Berenice says Kate never makes a bad fashion choice.

She said: ''I really like Kate Winslet. I love the way she dresses; she's always just perfect. She has her own style, a beautiful body and her own way of being.

''My body is totally different from her so I wouldn't be able to dress the same but she's so cute and glamorous.''

Berenice thinks Hollywood isn't as glamorous as it used to be but believes Kate is an exception.

She added: ''She's really an actress. Actresses used to be so glamorous but today we're more touchable. Whenever Kate comes on stage to receive an Oscar or a BAFTA she seems touchable but at the same time you can feel she's an actress, I love that.''

While Berenice loves glitzy award ceremonies, she is happy to return to real life as mum to kids Lucien, three and eight-month-old Gloria, despite its stresses.

She told Britain's HELLO! magazine: ''The awards are great, it's a lot of fun and then you come home tired and your kids cry or ask for love.''