Review of Leaving The Nest Album by Benjy Ferree

Benjy Ferree
Leaving The Nest
Album Review

Benjy Ferree Leaving The Nest Album

Now this is great. A man from Washington, DC, who, in one disc, takes on Wolfmother, Jeff Buckley, T Rex, The Kinks and Neutral Milk Hotel. Bouncy and bouncing from one style to another, Leaving The Nest never becomes wearing - instead, like Kelley Stoltz, Ferree's bluesy voice soars and aches when called for.

If there's a weakness, it is the pull towards odd-folk in a couple of places (the sooner he stops listening to Devendra Banhart the better), but this is a drop in an ocean of great-sounding music. Although the songs vary so much in style, the coherence is special. Moving on from his Bright Eyes-like 2005 debut, Benjy Ferree is a man whose ideas can seemingly take him in any direction with equal ease, and it will be interesting to watch the development of such an exciting talent now that he is signed to the up-and-coming, talent-spotting Domino Records.


Mike Rea

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