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1st September 2015

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to my Beautiful Wife. My best friend and Everything else - there's so much I could write. I'm the luckiest guy alive - I get to spend the rest of my life right here. I love this Woman!! Many more Baby!!" Rocker Benji Madden praises his wife Cameron Diaz on social media after celebrating her 43rd birthday on Sunday (30Aug15). The couple wed in a low-key ceremony in January (15) after a whirlwind romance.

10th March 2015

Fact: Newlywed actress Cameron Diaz has had her nose pierced. The CHARLIE'S ANGELS star showed off her new stud during a night out with her rocker husband Benji Madden in Los Angeles on Sunday (08Mar15).

15th February 2015

Fact: Newlyweds Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden celebrated their first Valentine's Day as man and wife on Saturday (14Feb15) with a double date. The couple, who wed last month (05Jan15), dined at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California with Madden's twin brother Joel and his wife Nicole Richie.

28th January 2015

Fact: Newlyweds Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden locked lips for the cameras at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game on Tuesday (27Jan15) after they were spotted courtside by the controller of the Staples Center's 'Kiss Cam'. The couple tied the knot earlier this month (Jan15) and recently returned to California after enjoying a mini-honeymoon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

7th December 2012

Tweet: "Workin on a Christmas song to put on iTunes to help raise money for Charity - soundin Mad-Christmassy in the Madden Brothers studio 2night." Rocker Benji Madden is releasing a charity Christmas track.

1st November 2012

Tweet: "My Heart goes out to @SuicideSilence today, their Families, Friends and Suicide Silence Fans. Sad News. My thoughts are with you guys today." Good Charlotte star Benji Madden sends his condolences to the heavy rockers after their frontman Mitch Lucker died after a motorcycle accident on Wednesday (31Oct12).

2nd October 2012

Tweet: "Today is the 10 year Anniversary of @GoodCharlotte record release of The Young&The Hopeless much love to my band So many Great memories". Rocker Benji Madden celebrates the 2002 release of the band's sophomore album.

12th May 2011

Tweet: "In the studio with one of my fav Australians Guy Sebastian Mannnnn this dude can sing I need to get some lessons...!!" Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden reveals to fans that he's teamed up with Aussie singer Guy Sebastian for a new collaboration.

2nd May 2011

Tweet: "Where's Matt Damon right now? You thinkin (sic) what I'm thinkin? Bourne up to his old tricks again." Rocker Benji Madden jokes following news of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden's death.

1st March 2011

Tweet: "P.s. I love Charlie Sheen. I don't get what peoples problem is. I understand everything he says. And I don't mind his behavior. Cool dude. If Charlie sheen was in a rock band no one would mind, I'm bout to get real Sheen up in here. Hope u r all having a good night!! Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden defends CHARLIE SHEEN following his headline-making partying, hospitalisation and rants.

20th May 2010

Quote: "I got chills the first time I heard it. I could tell he meant every word. It's really cool to see my brother digging deep and writing from the heart... He's born to be a rock star, but he's also the best father I know... He's really found himself through his family. When I have a family, and I definitely want to, I want it to be like his." Good Charlotte star Benji Madden is a big fan of brother Joel's new track Harlow's Song, which he wrote about his daughter.

9th April 2010

Quote: "We're hanging out. We're getting to know each other. He's really an awesome guy, but he's in L.A. and I'm here. And he works a lot. My problem is I'm always attracted to workaholics and I'm a workaholic, so that doesn't make a lot of time for togetherness." Former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison admits her romance with rocker Benji Madden isn't exclusive - yet.

7th August 2009

Quote: "I was odd man out tonight as Joel Madden, Nicole Richie and Ashlee Simpson-WENTZ shared baby pics. Uncle Benj needs to join the club." Good Charlotte's Benji Madden wants to be a dad.

30th July 2009

Quote: "Listening to Joel Madden sing. He def got the singing part of the egg. Not sure what I got. But it seems to work...." Benji Madden appreciates his twin brother and Good Charlotte bandmate's singing talents.

29th May 2009

Fact: Good Charlotte rockers JOEL and Benji Madden have officially changed their names - dumping their birth surname of Combs for their new monikers. The twins filed court papers weeks apart at the end of April (09) to officially take on their mother's maiden name of Madden, after their father walked out on them when they were 16.

31st October 2008

Quote: "She is not only my girlfriend, but my best friend. I am in love with the most beautiful woman on the planet. and I'm having a great time. I couldn't be happier. She is my dream come true in every way." Rocker Benji Madden coos about his romance with Paris Hilton.

9th September 2008

Quote: "I've met RUSSELL a couple of times so I knew what to expect. As we went backstage, I introduced him to my boyfriend (Benji Madden) so he didn't hit on me this time." Paris Hilton wasn't shocked by MTV Video Music Awards host Russell Brand's outrageous jokes at the event on Sunday (07Sep08).

2nd June 2008

Quote: "Paris takes care of all the fashion." Benji Madden confessed on the red carpet that his girlfriend Paris Hilton dresses him.

2nd June 2008

Quote: "Paris takes care of all the fashion." Benji Madden confessed on the red carpet that his girlfriend Paris Hilton dresses him.

9th April 2008

Quote: "I've never felt so happy and in love, he's such an amazing guy and life has never been better. It's so much fun going to their shows every night, I now know every song by heart." Paris Hilton loves touring the world with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden, her new boyfriend.

15th March 2008

Quote: "It's not a hoax; we're really happy... I feel very safe and very secure. He's an amazing guy." Paris Hilton insists her romance with Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden is for real.

12th March 2008

Quote: "They're super sweet. He's a nice guy." Fashion designer Nicky Hilton approves of big sister PARIS' new boyfriend, Benji Madden. The new couple attended Nicky's catwalk show at Los Angeles Fashion Week on Tuesday (11Mar08) night.

12th March 2008

Fact: Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden was treated to a special birthday facial on Tuesday (11Mar08) by his new girlfriend Paris Hilton - the socialite booked his and hers beauty treatments at the Ole Henriksen Face + Body Spa in West Hollywood to celebrate Madden's 29th birthday.

11th March 2008

Fact: Rocker Benji Madden has been spotted wearing a 'P.H.' branded ring - showing his mutual affection for new girlfriend Paris Hilton, who sported a 'B.M.' initialled ring last week (07Mar08).

20th September 2007

Quote: "I got a little tattoo on my face. I'll never be able to work another real job so I consider that to be kinda forcing myself to stick to music." Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden.

12th February 2007

Quote: "I've been around the world many times and sometimes when you know, you just know." Good Charlotte star Benji Madden on his decision to propose to Australian actress SOPHIE MONK after just four months of dating.

4th January 2007

Quote: "None. Alright - a handful." Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden owns up when asked how many famous women he has slept with.

20th September 2005

Fact: <p>GOOD CHARLOTTE siblings JOEL and Benji Madden have teamed up with rap sensation The Game to record a new tune. The pop punks claim the untitled new track is "The Clash meets NWA". </p>

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