Review of The Legend Of Kung Folk Part 1 Album by Benjamin Taylor

Review of Benjamin Taylor's album 'The Legend Of Kung Folk Part 1 (The Killing Bite)'.

Benjamin Taylor The Legend Of Kung Folk Part 1 Album

The son of James Taylor and Carly Simon, Benjamin Taylor has already released a number of albums alongside an acting career that has included appearing in television show 'American Dreams'. He tours the UK toward the end of April and will be performing at Glastonbury Festival in June.

With the worldwide success of Jack Johnson over the last few years, it seems strange that record companies haven't been pushing every singer-songwriter available to jump on the bandwagon and cash-in. That Taylor has been around for some time suggests he isn't a copycat, but this collection could certainly see him promoted to Johnson's league, for he produces a fine line in relaxing acoustic tunes and has a similarly understated vocal style. Honesty rings throughout his songs, with the sad blues of 'She's Gone' moulding well with the harmonious charm of 'Wrong', while 'Dangerous Girl' is soulful and smooth. The touch of funk found in 'Wilderness' apes Maroon 5, while the sweet plucked acoustic sound of 'Wicked Way' belies the sleazy lyrical content of wanting to seduce a woman into the bedroom.

The overall impression is a collection of easy listening tracks that are laid back and effortlessly consumed.

Alex Lai

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