With the news that Ben McKenzie has been cast as the lead in 'Gotham' it seems the ball may finally be rolling on the mushc anticipated tv series. Though there's not much information out there yet, here's what we do know about the series that will show the origin of one of the world's most famous fictional cities.

Ben McKenzie will play James GordonBen McKenzie will play the lead in 'Gotham'

Gotham’ will tell the origin story of the city itself, centering around the young Commissioner James Gordon, showing us what life was like in Gotham City before it had a caped crusader. However don't expect Bruce Wayne himself to be missing from the series as we will also see the story of a very young Bruce, with the plot being said to follow him right up untill he became Batman. Even more exciting might be that it will provide origin stories of some our favourite Batman villains including The Joker, Cat Woman and The Riddler. Rumour has it that the first villian to be featured will be none other than the Penguin.

The series creator is Bruno Heller, best known for writing CBS's 'The Mentalist'. The show sparked a bidding war between Warner Brothers and Fox, with Fox coming out on top and immediatly ordering a full series. On board to direct is Danny Cannon, best know for his work on 'CSI'.

Gary Oldman played Gordon  Gary Oldman played commissioner Gordon  in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

As we reported , Ben McKenzie is playing the role of the young commissioner Gordon. The character was recently re-imagined on the big screen by  Gary Oldman in  ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ , who gave us more of a well rounded Gordon than we’d seen on screen before. McKenzie is best known  for his role in the O.C.’s. The actor is an interesting choice having already he voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman in DC's animated movie adaptation of Frank Miller's 'Batman: Year One.’ Whilst no other castings have been confirmed, rumour has it that ‘Sons of Anarchy’s’ Donal Logue, who was originally rumoured for the lead role, is in talks to play Harvey Bullock, a crooked cop set on sabotaging Gordon.