When 01.06.2013

Benjamin Bratt talks about being the 'cool dad', playing Eduardo and the inner love story of 'Despicable Me 2' in his latest promo interview on the movie in which he plays the extroverted Latino dancer Eduardo.

'I've never been the cool dad in my kids' eyes, I've just been dad, but now we're talking world-class cool because I'm in one of their favourite movie franchises', Benjamin says with a smug smile. He also mentions that he even shares similarities with his character. 'He's got a larger than life personality, very, very latin in the sense that he's exuberant, quick to hug and to laugh and, of course, to dance', he explains. 'I share qualities with Eduardo, not on that scale of course, but I have a zest for life, I fancy.' He says that the sequel is all about love this time, rather than solely evil deeds: 'What we find in the sequel is that Gru is on the hunt for love. And the prime candidate might be right in front of his eyes.'

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