Actor Benjamin Bratt was given a lot of extra work at the premiere of his new movie CATWOMAN - keeping his wife Talisa Soto from bursting out her dress and exposing herself.

The couple attended the premiere of the movie, which also stars HALLE BERRY and Sharon Stone, at Hollywood's Arclight Theater on Monday (21JUL04), and Soto's stunning choice of attire proved more trouble than expected.

Bratt says, "The party for the premiere was up on top of the top level of the outdoor parking lot. So because it was an outdoor party there were Porta-potties set up everywhere.

"So before we decided to enter into the fray she said, 'Honey, let me make a pit stop.' So she went into the Porta-potty, she was in there for an awfully long time and all of a sudden I hear, 'Honey, can you come in here and give me a hand?'

"I opened the door and went in, the zipper (on the back of her dress) from the bottom up completely opened. It's like a backward shirt at this point!

"Here's the real problem: she had not a stitch of clothing on underneath - not a pair of underwear, not a bra. I became the Peruvian MacGYVER!

"I'm sitting on the toilet seat in a flop sweat in my suit. Simply, with my fingers, I got the zipper back together, zipped it up and basically stood guard for the rest of the night with my jacket at the ready!'

22/07/2004 21:22