Benicio Del Toro thinks drugs should be decriminalised.

The 48-year-old star appears alongside Emily Blunt in the new crime thriller 'Sicario', which tackles the issues of drug smuggling and police corruption, and Benicio has revealed he'd be in favour of decrimnalising narcotics.

Asked where he stands on the debate, the Hollywood actor explained: ''I'm definitely pro - you can't just put someone in jail because they're carrying a joint. You ruin lives for nothing.

''You have Republican candidate Jeb Bush saying on live TV that he smoked marijuana, while for the same thing we're sending kids who have less opportunities to jail. But not every drug is the same.''

Benicio also believes marijuana should be legalised.

He told the Observer newspaper: ''It's been legalised in some US states, and in some for medical purposes, so it's a start. You can tax it and use that money for good things, to educate, to deal with addiction, to understand it better.

''But then again, I don't think you can do the same with ecstasy: whatever damage it does to your brain is irreversible. The brain can't fix itself afterwards, and that's very dangerous.''