The contemporary social biopic has dug a niche for itself in popular cinema, spearheaded lately by such movies as The Social Network. They examine the lives of those who have been influential in contemporary history, and whose influences are still felt. 2013 will hold a host more, including the much anticipated movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, now known to be title The Fifth Estate.

According to EW, Dreamworks have just released news that 'principal photography has commenced'. "Now titled The Fifth Estate, the film traces the meteoric rise of the site through the eyes of Assange colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg" they write. Bill Condon is directing, he's responsible for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, which for many is foreboding rather than exciting, but working with a script from The West Wing writer Josh Singer he's beginning with better material, so hopefully that translates and the movie unfolds. 

Alongside Cumberbatch's Assange, Daniel Brühl plays Domscheit-Berg and Laura Linney,  David Thewlis, Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), and Alicia Vikander provide a talented supporting cast. Clearly, the team behind Condon is a step above the Steward/Pattinson group as part of Twilight, so despite certain reservations around the director, there's enough good news for us to be a little excited about The Fifth Estate. With its central character still an international fugitive, there is heightened poignancy to its content. Expect its release to hit around November this year, just in time for the awards season.