‘The Imitation Game’ tells the story of Alan Turing - a vital asset for the allied forces during the Second World War in cracking the Nazi code. It is based on the book by Andrew Hodges, who has been moved to condemn what he perceives as ‘alarming inaccuracies’ in the movie version.

The Imitation GameKnightly and Cumberbatch take leading roles in 'The Imitation Game' 

Talking to The Sunday Times about Turing’s relationship with Keira Knightley’s character. He said: “They have built up the relationship with Joan much more than it actually was.”

Mr Hodges said that, while the couple had been “briefly engaged”, his true affection existed “because he could talk to her as if she were really another man” – there hadn’t been much physical contact. Furthermore, casting Knightley in the role didn’t sit well with the author. “I’m not being rude about her, but Joan Clarke was no glamourpuss,” he explained. 

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Turing was considered a war hero until his brutal and inhumane treatment following the war. Having been discovered to be gay, he was imprisoned and subsequently chemically castrated, which led to his suicide in 1954. Former British Prime Minister issued a letter of apology for the treatment of Turing in 2009, expressing the government’s contrition. 

The producer, Teddy Schwarzman said the film contained some “creative liberties,” adding: “When we come over, we are also going to get in touch with some other experts on that period. We know how very important Turing is to you over there.”

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Directed by Morten Tyldum, ‘The Imitation Game’ has been named as the opener for the London film festival, whith its screening being billed as a European premiere, suggesting the world premiere will be held outside Europe, with the Toronto film festival in early September a likely bet.  The London film festival runs from 8-19 October.

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