‘Sherlock’ showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed that Benedict Cumberbatch’s character will be a little different once he’s transported back to the Victorian era in the show’s upcoming Christmas special. Speaking during the TCA press tour on Saturday, the writer gave away precious few details about the episode which sees Sherlock and Watson back in Victorian London.

SherlockSherlock and Dr Watson in the upcoming Victorian special.

When asked how the new setting might change Sherlock’s character Moffat said, “Sherlock is a little more polished. He operates like a Victorian gentleman instead of a posh, rude man. He’s a lot less brattish.” But as for Dr Watson, being back in Victorian Britain will cause Martin Freeman’s character to be ‘more uptight’, according to Moffat.

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Of course what we’re all wondering is how did the very modern Sherlock and Watson manage to find themselves back in Victorian London? But sadly it seems that’s one question we’re never going to get an answer to.

“We never bothered explaining what they were doing in modern London, so why bother explaining what they’re doing in Victorian London, when that’s where they’re supposed to be?” Moffat said. The writer also hinted that the pair could encounter some spooky activity. “Ghost stories work better in a Victorian setting,” he teased.

The upcoming episode is assumed to be a Christmas special and is expected to air on the BBC in the UK around the festive period. But for US fans the wait is torturous, as the BBC has the rights to air ‘Sherlock’ first, before US broadcaster PBS Masterpiece.

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When asked when the special would be hitting US screens all PBS Masterpiece executive producer Rebecca Eaton could say was ‘soon-ish’. A fourth series of the drama is also expected to follow the special, with production said to be beginning next spring.