The well spoken Sherlock Holmes hunk, Benedict Cumberbatch, is having a rather brilliant week; in two music driven stories, Cumberbatch has collaborated with Herfordshire's preeminent inditronica band Friendly Fire, and will be starring as the Beatles' manager Brian Epstein in the upcoming biopic. 

The Friendly Fires collaboration will be appearing on their Late Night Tales compilation album. Late Night Tales is a platform for the world's biggest and best loved bands to share their own great musical loves, by compiling an album entirely of their own choosing. Zero 7, The Cinematic Orchestra and Belle and Sebastian have all already done their own compilations. As a part of the FF's Late Night Tales they requested Cumberatch do a recording for them to appear on the album. On the album he performs a spoken-word piece, "Flat of Angles", by Simon Cleary. 

The Brian Epstein biopic is another collaboration, between Cumberbatch and the director for his BBC Sherlock series, Paul McGuigan. If the Sherlock's anything to go by it'll be fantastic! Currently the title is set to be The Fifth Beatle. According to the Hollywood Reporter the film's producers are describing it as the story of "the man who threw the biggest party of the 1960s but ultimately forgot to invite himself."

In other news, Andrew Scott who played Moriarty in Sherlock has expressed a wish to work on a comedy with Cumberbatch, reports the Radio Times, and the Metro has said that Matt Smith is open to the prospect of yet another collaboration for Cumberbatch, between Doctor Who and Sherlock