Benedict Cumberbatch wants to become a Hollywood director because he's ''not interested in being the man of the moment''.

Despite being nominated for an Oscar for his leading role in 'The Imitation Game', the 38-year-old actor harbours ambitions to spend his future film career behind the camera rather than in front of one because that would bring him ''longevity'', but admits he will still be doing plenty of acting first.

Speaking to film critics in Los Angeles, he is quoted by The Sun newspaper as saying: ''I'm not interested in being the man of the moment, I want longevity. I want to direct.

''I have been very fortunate and I am going to try to do as much as I can.''

Should Benedict achieve his directing dream in the future then he will no doubt be inspired by his favourite filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, who he knows a fair bit about after penning a 30,000-word dissertation on the late, great 'A Clockwork Orange' helmer at university on the subject, 'How within a diverse subject matter his worldview is still very unified'.

When asked who is favourite director is in a 2005 interview, he replied: ''Stanley Kubrick, the reason would take 30,000 words - ie my dissertation.''

But had Benedict not possessed acting and directing ambitions then he has previously revealed he would've loved to have become a neurosurgeon.

He explained: ''It would have been nice to have done something useful, responsible, that required a mind-blowing skill, where something really important hangs in the balance.''