Benedict Cumberbatch is one of a number of British actors to put their names to a new appeal to prevent the new Conservative government in Britain from repealing the Human Rights Act.

The ‘Sherlock’ actor was joined by a number of big names, such as stage actress Vanessa Redgrave, ‘Homeland’’s David Harewood and ‘Game of Thrones’ actress Indira Varma in a series of short films based on the experiences of various people who have been used the legislation to correct injustices.

Benedict CumberbatchBenedict Cumberbatch joined the 'Save Our Human Rights Act' campaign

In his video, Cumberbatch says: “Our Human Rights Act belongs to all of us. It's not for politicians to pick and choose when they apply or who deserves protection. Repealing it will mean less protection against state abuse or neglect, and weaken the rights of every single one of us - and the vulnerable most of all.”

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The short films are part of a campaign by the human rights organisation Liberty called Save Our Human Rights Act, which opposes the new Conservative majority government’s plans. The Tories say that it aims to “reverse the mission creep that has meant human rights laws being used for more and more purposes and often with litre regard for the rights of wider society.”

Liberty’s director Shami Chakrabarti said in a statement: “These films tell just a few of the stories of our Human Rights Act giving a voice to some of the most vulnerable people in our country… …[the] Government plans to scrap the Act play populist games with hard-won freedoms and undermine the United Kingdom at home and abroad.”

The campaign has seemingly paid off, with the Queen’s speech earlier on Wednesday omitting any plans to scrap the HRA, though exactly how much influence that the various celebrities had is uncertain. Political experts believe that Cameron has only delayed the plans, in order to avoid a confrontation with his party’s backbenchers so early into the new Parliament.

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