It is likely that Ben Wheatley's new movie A Field in England, staring Julian Barratt, will play no part in the major awards ceremonies in 2013 and 2014, though the historical drama has received a slew of five-star reviews putting it amongst the very best received films of the year.

Set during the English Civil War in the 17th century, the movie follows the story of Reece Shearsmith's Whitehead who flees from his strict master and meets Cutler (Ryan Pope) and two travellers Jacob (Peter Ferdinando) and Friend (Richard Glover).

When Cutler takes the two travellers hostage and captures Whitehead, he forces hallucinogens on them and makes them help him and Irishman O'Neill find buried treasure in a field.

On the face, it sounds absolutely crazy, but A Field in England - a black and white movie shot over 12 days for just £300,000 - has received glowing reviews.

Watch the trailer for 'A Field in England':

"The black-and-white photography, magically lit and textured, is like the primitive canvas on which the contemporary world starts to be daubed," said Nigel Andrews of the Financial Times. "Wheatley's extraordinary film shakes you back and forth with a rare ferocity, but the net result is stillness," said Robbie Collin of the Daily Telegraph. The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw merely opined, "What a unique film-maker Wheatley is becoming."

Julian BarrattJulian Barratt of the Mighty Boosh Stars in 'A Field in England'

It's no secret that Wheatley is fast becoming the finest filmmaker in the UK and A Field in England appears to continues the randomness, eeriness and horrors in Down Terrace (2009) and the exceptional Sightseers (2012). 

A Field in England hits theaters in the UK on Friday July 5, 2013. 

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