News that the movie 'ZOOLANDER 2' starring Ben Stiller is likely to hit screens in 2012 has created an online frenzy, with fans of the original cult classic hitting Twitter to discuss possible storylines and casting. Activity on the social networking site has been frantic today (12th October 2010) after the film's writer Justin Theroux confirmed that the script for the sequel is almost complete.
After speculation as to whether a follow-up would ever materialise, MTV News caught up with Theroux at the New York Comic Convention, where he confirmed that Stiller and co were on-board for the new film, saying, "The script is in good shape right now. I'm feeling very optimistic about it. We're doing a few little tweaks before we submit it, but I'm very hopeful that I'm going to be working on that soon". The writer, who penned the 'Iron Man 2' script, confirmed that he had been working with Stiller himself on the screenplay, and also hinted that Jonah Hill could join the cast as a new character, he said, "There are a couple new villains that step onto the stage, which we are all very happy about. And yes, Jonah is the inspiration for one of them".
Theroux also confirmed that WILL FERELL would be reprising his role as 'Mugutu', and that Owen Wilson would once again be playing Zoolander's rival-turned-pal 'Hansel'.