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Ben Kweller Ben Kweller Album

Kweller is back with his self-titled album, and after being away from the scene for a bit of the time, is now ready to give it everything he's got. This album is basically everything that has been on his mind, instead of getting frustrated with events or letting them pass him by, he has turned them into songs for all to hear!

Ben holds such a clean vocal performance that gives you the distinct impression that he has never had a fag or a late night drinking session.. or is it just that he actually looks after his voice? His self-titled album kicks off with 'Run', which to me is the track on the album. It has something extra that this song has had more attention to detail on it. Unlike a lot of the other tracks on this album this has so many different levels and has a really catchy chorus where Ben really shows the flexibility of his voice (Nothing on the opera singers, but who gives a crap about that?

The sad fact of the matter is that the rest of the album really is just like a straight line where there are no real changes in the rhythm, volume or tempo. Which is a shame because like Sundress is does sound all right and is a good song, but the other nine tracks are all Sundress's just with different titles. It is like once you have sat back and listened to the album and the end of This Is War, you find yourself thinking what have I been doing for the last 40 minutes and 12 seconds? Without trying to be too critical maybe he need a co writer to bring that extra zest to certain tracks, because the sad factor is that this guy has got a talent performing the tracks, at the moment there is nothing there that states that any of these songs are going to be the next James Blunt or even James Morrison.

Maybe it is what I like to call a grower but after a couple of listens that was enough for me. This is something you could listen to in a pub while you are having a pint and laugh with your mates, or while you are trying to win the jackpot on the Pepsi Chart game

Mark Moore

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