Review of White Lies for Dark Times Album by Ben Harper

Review of Ben Harper & Relentless 7 album White Lies for Dark Times.

Ben Harper White Lies for Dark Times Album

With 'White Lies for Dark Times' you know that you're in for a treat as soon as the CD starts spinning. The album has a perfectly polished sound that will please even the most disturbed maniac mind.

I've been excited about this album for some time. Ben Harper and his soulful musical styling's have filled my entertainment tank on numerous occasions and It pleases me to listen to what I believe is his best album in years. The gospel album 'there will be a light' with the Blind Boys of Alabama, was a bit of a turn off for me, but this album has given me some new enthusiasm for Ben Harpers work.

As soon as the bluesy guitar intro and Ben Harpers pleading vocals started pounding out of the speakers on the intro track 'number with no name' I was hooked on the sound, like a tramp to cheap cider and would be equally disgruntled/ violent should anyone attempt to take it from me.

Relentless 7 is the name of the 4 piece blues infused soul rocking outfit that sports Ben Harper as its Weissenborn wielding front man. Musical collaborations trace back to 2006 and the release of 'both sides of the gun', since then these guys have had time to mix up a tasty musical broth to feed hungry ears. If you've not heard of Ben Harper before then take your hands out of your pants and do something about it.

Rating 9/10

Rory Taylor

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